At Western, music students participate in a variety of project-based learning activities to explore, analyse, and perform music. Students are encouraged to connect with the larger Toronto music community as well as to create and to produce their own music using a variety of instruments and new digital technology. Western’s music classes offer several ways for students to participate in ensembles including: band, strings, guitar and rock band. Two state-of-the-art recording studios create new opportunities for students to find unique ways to express themselves through electronic music and instrumental recording.

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Western offers a unique course in Rock Band and Electronic Music!

Course: AMD3/4M
Course Description: This project-based Grade 11/12 music course is designed to broaden the students' knowledge and skills in instrumental or vocal performance with a focus on electronic composing, and arranging of popular musical forms. Students will perform and record grade-appropriate rock and pop repertoire in the styles that they enjoy listening to. They will compose and arrange their own music, and analyze live and recorded performances. Students will infuse performance practices into all aspects of this course, culminating in a major student run performance and/or album.
Prerequisite: Audition/Recommendation or AMI/S2O1 Vocal and/or Instrumental auditions can be made by appointment with Mr. Anderson in the music room (Room 102) at any time.
Instrumental and String Courses
Instrumental Music: AMI1O1-4M1 Strings: AMS1O1-4M1
Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet, Baritone, Trombone, Tuba, Bass Guitar, Percussion, etc. Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Guitar, Piano
These courses are offered from beginner (Gr. 9/10) to advanced (Gr. 11/12) levels. These courses emphasize the creation and performance of music at a level consistent with previous experience and are aimed at developing technique, sensitivity, and imagination through music. In these courses, students will develop musical literacy skills by using the creative and critical analysis processes in composition, performance, and a range of reflective and analytical activities.
Prerequisite: AMI/S1 and 2O - OPEN AMI/S3M - Must take AMI/S2O AMU4M - Must take AMI/S3M
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