Gifted Program

What is Gifted @ Western?

The Gifted Program fosters critical thinking, academic challenge, cross-curricular collaboration, and community leadership. Students enhance their intellectual growth and social development through cooperative inquiry, project based learning and technological exploration in an environment that fosters creativity and nurtures curiosity. Involvement in diverse learning situations prepares students for exemplary achievement at the post-secondary level. Students emerge from the program with well-rounded and real world skills and knowledge. To learn more, please go to the Gifted Program page
Enriched Program
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What is Enriched Program @ Western?

The vision of the program is to foster a love of learning and curiosity, to pursue leadership of all types within and beyond the classroom and engage students to become informed and caring citizens. Through this, students will develop their academic, organizational, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills.

To learn more, go to the Enriched Program page.
Specialized Programs


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What is Leadership @ Western?

Leadership is a Non-Profit Program that focuses on developing students' individual leadership skills and strengths. Additionally, it fosters collaborative team building, creative/critical thinking, effective group management and innovative learning. Students develop enhanced skills in public speaking, communication and reciprocal teaching, conflict resolution, and event organization. Activities are student-centered and project driven. To learn more, go to the Leadership Program page.  

Design Studio

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What is Design Studio @ Western?

The Design Studio is a CyberARTS program with a focus on Form and Function using Visual Communication. We have integrated technology with traditional fine arts and academic subjects to create a unique program of high-level knowledge with employable and transferable skills. The Design Studio curriculum focuses on the student's development as an independent learner and creative/critical thinker. All activities are student-centered and project-driven. To learn more, go to the Design Studio page.  

Engineering Robotics

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What is Engineering Robotics @ Western?

Engineering Robotics is a computer and manufacturing design program focusing on robotic technologies. Our program integrates real world robotic technology with computerized machining and control systems - the whole package is supported with complementary academic subjects and cooperative education opportunities. Participants learn the importance of teamwork, self-starting, character and time management while learning technology skills of the future. To learn more, go to the Engineering / Robotics Program page.  

Hospitality Studies

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What is Hospitality Studies @ Western?

The Hospitality Studies curriculum presents students with engaging, real-life experiences designed to develop a customer-oriented, collaborative approach to problem solving. Complemented by personalized Cooperative Education programming, industry-recognized certifications, and engaging reach ahead opportunities, our students gain a wealth of in-demand, transferrable skills and knowledge. To learn more, go to the Hospitality Studies Program page.