Hello, my name is Jason. I am a Western student and I lead the design on the Specialized High Skills Program Pages
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The Design Studio is a unique CyberARTS program with a focus on Design Thinking, Form & Function and Transferable Skills. We have integrated Art & Design with academic subjects to create a passionate program of high-level knowledge and skills sets.
Art is creating within the requirements and restrictions set by one’s self.
Design is solving authentic problems within the requirements and restrictions set by others.
The Design Studio curriculum focuses on the student's development as an independent learner using creative and critical thinking skills. All activities are student-centered and project-driven.

Please contact Matt at Matthew.Fountain@tdsb.on.ca for more information.
Transferable Skills
  • Learn to balance Form and Function
  • Develop Oral and Visual Communication Skills
  • Become a Critical Thinker
  • Authentically solve problems from the inside out
  • Learn to approach challenges with a positive attitude
  • The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)
    The Design Studio @ Western
    The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is an Ontario designation that allows students to focus on a career path that matches their individual skills and interests. The Design Studio is a bundle of 8 courses that falls under the Arts & Culture Sector. Students Learn with industry standard equipment and instructors who have worked directly in the Design field. They also experience on the job training with employers in professional environments and have the opportunity to enroll in up to four postsecondary level courses with no tuition costs.

    Students who complete the SHSM requirements will graduate with a red seal on their diploma. This will indicate a universal provincial designation of a higher level of achievement to all postsecondary schools no matter what program the student may choose to pursue.

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