A Shared Vision

The mandate of the program is to encourage students to pursue leadership of all types within and beyond the classroom; to become informed and caring citizens. By doing so, the students will develop their academic, organizational, entrepreneurial, and interpersonal skills.


This model is predicated on the knowledge that two common traits shared by Enriched students are compassion and concern for others, and curiosity. These traits drive their desire to be leaders.

The model integrates Project Based Learning as a framework and Reciprocal Teaching as a mode of learning (i.e. students learn from one another through a strategic process).

Citizens of the World

Within the principle of civic engagement are several related outcomes:

  • Strengthening community,
  • Fostering a sense of cooperation and collaboration
  • Identifying and mentoring future student leaders
  • Encouraging empathy and developing diverse outlets

for it Connecting what students learn and do in school to the world outside, especially with a view to post-secondary education and careers.

How the Enriched Program is Unique

In order to align the Enriched Program at Western with the school’s core values and goals, we have created a unique model that emphasizes student leadership and empathy. The model is based on a collaborative approach in which students from the Enriched Program, the Student Council and Leadership courses work together at various junctures in their high school careers.