Welcome to the Scholarships and Awards page.

The first step in finding out about scholarships is to register your email with Ms. Morrison in Student Services and also on Here you will get up to date information about upcoming awards and scholarships that you may be eligible for.

There are basically two types of scholarships:

  1. The scholarships listed under the headings of Universities, Colleges or Private Institutions: You must be attending these schools in order to be eligible.  Research is available on the websites of these institutions.
  2. The other scholarships are listed under the headings of Corporations, Community Groups and Foundations: Many scholarships hold an open competition however there are some that require a school nomination.  In those instances, information will be sent out on how to apply.  Most scholarship applications are available on-line.  Carefully research the scholarships you are interested in and if you have any questions, see Ms. Morrison in Student Services.