Student Services

Western’s Student Services is ultimately the  key component of the student’s experience at Western.

Our goal is to provide the most complete and comprehensive resources available for the development of  every student’s education, career, and personal pathway.  We’re highly committed to supporting all student’s psycho-social well-being and to guiding  them to lead happy, well-adjusted,  productive lives – with their families, with their teachers,  and with their communities.  We are are proudly dedicated to  the academic and personal endeavours of our students through advocacy, leadership, professionalism and partnership. Our work is rewarding, well-recognized and highly appreciated by staff, students, parents  and the community at large.

Western’s Student Services ensures  that all incoming students have a successful start to their high school career  by carefully reviewing course selections and personal goals and aptitudes.  Throughout a student’s career at Western our responsibilities include planning or changing course selections, facilitating enrolment for night or summer school, finding out about post-secondary opportunities  and documenting  the required Community Service Hours for the OSSD graduation diploma. Upon graduation our aim is to ensure that all students receive  maximum financial support and academic recognition for their time at Western. We try to guarantee our students  explore every possible opportunity and benefit when transitioning from high school to university, college, an apprenticeship or the work force.

Student Services at Western is tightly networked and collaborates with many of  the social, health, and welfare resources and agencies within the city of Toronto.  For concerns beyond our expertise, students are directed and connected to the appropriate service or agency as quickly and professionally as possible. We  look forward to working with and supporting every student and family in the school. If you have any questions, need guidance or information, please drop by Western Student Services,  room 152.  It’s our privilege to serve you. We are highly committed to your success and your future. The following group of documents is  a small sample of what has been prepared for your benefit. Please have a look at what we have assembled for you!


Looking for the Community Hours Form? Click here to download it!

Exam Preparation – Decoding a Question

Getting Organized at Home

Reading Note-Taking and Improving Test Scores

Studying for Exams

Time Management Tips for Students Writing the Examination or Test