At Western, students participate in an activity-based, project-driven approach to learning that provides them with knowledge, skills, and experiences in the subjects of their choice. Western offers courses in seven strands of Technology:

Communication Technology

Western offers courses in Communications Technology that provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to design, use, and manage electronic, live, recorded, and graphic communications systems. These courses will help students understand the role of communications technology in our economy; its relationship with the other economic sectors; and its effect on people, society, and the environment. Students use the senior courses to focus their studies in communications technology, or as supplements to their experience in Western’s Design Studio program.

Computer Studies

Western offers courses in Computer Studies that provide students with knowledge, skills, and experience in both software and hardware applications of computers. The ICS courses give students the opportunity to develop a variety of software applications, while the TEJ courses allow students to take advantage of Western’s unique hardware facilities: students learn how to use computers to control physical devices, including Western’s competition robots, as well as their own original and mechanical designs. The TEN courses are, in fact, the certificated Cisco Networking program.

Construction Technology

Whether residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational, construction has always played a central role in human life. Western offers courses in Construction Technology that provide students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience to use wood as a material for residential and light construction systems, as well as for the manufacturing of custom furniture and products. Students learn about the tools, equipment, and processes required to design, construct, and maintain a variety of structures and products, as well as the construction industry’s health and safety standards, and employment opportunities and careers in the various sectors of the industry.

Hospitality & Tourism

Western Hospitality and Tourism program focuses on the hospitality industry, the world’s largest employment sector. Students will acquire a foundation of skills and knowledge that will prepare them for both postsecondary education and careers. Students will develop essential food preparation, presentation, and customer relations skills; will learn about event coordination and marketing strategies, human resources, and inventory procedures; and will work with equipment, use procedures, and adhere to health and safety regulations that are standards in the hospitality industry.

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing is the transformation of materials into products to meet human needs and wants. Western offers courses in Manufacturing Technology that provide students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to understand, use, and manage manufacturing systems. Students will understand the role of manufacturing technology in our economy; its relationship to other economic sectors; and its effect on people, society, and the environment.

Technological Design

Western offers courses in Technological Design that focus on the practical application of the principles of design, engineering, and architecture to promote solutions to challenges in communication, manufacturing, electronics, and transportation. Students will develop the analytic skills required to determine user needs and the most suitable solutions; the communication skills needed to present solutions in the form of technical drawings, models, reports, and displays; and the technical skills required to perform engineering and scientific tests and analyses.

Transportation Technology

Transportation affects all of our lives: the everyday use of cars and mass transit, holiday flights and cruises, moving raw materials to manufacturers, and moving finished products to consumers locally, nationally and globally. Western offers courses in Transportation Technology that provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills needed to service, repair, and modify vehicles and vehicle systems. Western offers introductory courses in Grades 9 and 10, followed by senior courses that allow students to focus their studies in areas like Auto Service and Auto Body, in order to acquire general knowledge or as preparation for postsecondary education and work experiences.