Feb 15, 2017
Western’s Second Annual Toonie Auction

Western Technical Commercial School’s Student Activity Council is hosting its second annual “Toonie Auction”. This is a fundraising event where parents, friends and family can come together for an evening of fun, food and prizes!

This is a way for you to participate in your child’s schooling by helping us to raise funds for specific events that occur throughout the year, and to make Western Tech a more spirited and lively place to be. A certain percentage of funds raised will go towards events such as: semi-formal, carnival and prom.

There are two ways in which you can help with this event. First, you can help us with donations. As a member of the community, you may have connections or your place of work may be willing to donate something for the fundraiser. Nothing is too small or too big! It could be cash donations, gift cards, tickets to games, or any other item small or large that we will auction off that evening. Donations can be dropped off at the main office to one of the secretaries where they will be stored in a safe place until the evening of the event.

The other way in which you can help is to come to the actual event. It will be taking place on Friday April 27th, 2017 from 7 pm onwards (approximately two hours length) in the cafeteria of Western Tech. There is an entry fee: $7 in advance or $10 at the door. In order to purchase a ticket in advance, you can simply email amber.mcneill@tdsb.on.ca to reserve your spot, and pay the $7 when you arrive that evening or you can purchase a ticket from a member of the SAC. As well, tickets will be available for purchase at Parent/Teacher Interviews on April 4th. This price includes a meal that will be provided for you that evening.

How the event works: At each table, there will be 8 bidding paddles placed at the table settings. Programs of the evening’s auction items will be available at the entrance. If you decide you’d like to bid on an item, when it comes up, place a toonie in the bucket on your table. The MC at the front will have two of their own buckets; one for paddle numbers, and one for table numbers. First, they will pick from the paddle number bucket and if they select your paddle number, you are eligible to continue playing. You will then place another toonie in the bucket, the MC picks a table number and if it’s yours, you win the item! It’s as simple as that!

In addition, there will be other games surrounding the perimeter of the cafeteria that you can participate in, as well as a bake sale.

Receiving donations for this event is critical to the success of the fundraiser. We are relying on you, parents and guardians to really help us to make this event as fantastic as possible!

Donations will be accepted until April 1st and can be dropped off in the main office.

Thank you in advance for your donations, and we hope to see all of you there that evening!